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Arun Anantharaman


Disciplined Procrastinator, tennis addict, dad to an adorable five year old who is learning to swim, husband to her generous mom who's put up with me for over 7 years, day-dreamer who makes poetry out of his dreams, and...well, we can always add more to this later.

At work, I am currently an Analytics Manager at Accenture. I have done many different things over the years - possibly in the search for my true professional metier. I don't quite know what that is yet, and maybe never will, but that hasn't come in the way of enjoying the here and now. For the past few years, my field of choice has been Analytics. It's an area that attracts a lot of hype these days, for the most part well-deserved, and yet for all that attention, it's still in its infancy in many areas that it can truly transform - governance, health and self-awareness, for instance. I enjoy what I do, and like being in the middle of all those possibilities.

I write poetry - usually when I am working, read a lot, trek and blog occasionally, and play tennis on most mornings. I live in Bangalore and can't imagine living anywhere else.

On Twitter and Live Journal (yes, some non-Russians still write there!), I am @birdonthewire, though I also backup my LJ blog on Wordpress. Most of what I write is "friends only", public posts are infrequent.