Asavin Wattanajantra


More than five years experience as a journalist, copywriter, blogger, community manager and content marketer, with a background in business and consumer technology, as well as higher education. Well-developed business sense and copywriting skills, good knowledge of content marketing techniques. Skilled in writing, editing and creating different types of journalism/social media/marketing content.

● Excellent writing and editing ability.

● Familiar with different types of CMS, web and social media analytics.

● Comprehensive knowledge of web writing, SEO, HTML, Dreamweaver and Wordpress.

● Well versed in editing and proofreading, with good concentration and attention to detail.

● Good knowledge of social media, web publishing and content marketing.

● Skilled as a researcher, interviewer and reporter.

● Currently studying for CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing.

  • Work
    • Metia
  • Education
    • University of Westminster