Savannah Salinas


Hi, my name is Savvy. Have you heard that one before? ...heh. Annyyyyywayyy.....

Where does a rambler begin?! Do I talk about my love of art? Animals? Polkadots? Hello Kitty? Mermaids? Life?! Oh! I know! Silly me, as a hopeless romantic, I'll begin my story in true fairytale fashion.

Once upon a time, on an island not far away, a 45 minute plane ride from where I reside now, lived a tiny little lady. (4'10" to be exact) As a child, she spent her days as an old soul, hanging out with her family & neighbors, or pigging out in front of Barney & I Love Lucy. She was a homebody & always a daydreamer.(fast forward through the years that Disney would NOT APPROVE of)..... She soon met her Prince Sincere (whom I've actually met during my "wild" young adult life. #score!) & together they have been blessed with a beautiful little princess. They're continuing their journey of happily forever after, adding in new chapters everyday....thee never ending, end.<3

Okay, but really. I'm originally from a very small town on the Big Island of Hawaii. Basically everyone is your family, or enemy. Yes, that small. And because we're on the topic of small, I might as well introduce the reason of why I am presently typing to you all.

Through my unspoken teen years, I was this careless, free-spirit, & honestly, those are qualities that have been buried deep under motherhood & marriage. Now, though my husband & our daughter are my world, somewhere through mastering those titles, I've misplaced myself.

Enter in September 30, 2015. Today. Something had awaken me at midnight, that something was a cat on our roof that I've mistaken for a burglar....because we've just been robbed three nights ago.... whoops back on track. But my mind began to wonder..."Savannah, how could you make a difference in your world?" ...I then picked up my phone and clicked into pinterest... so life changing right? But really, the app opened up and there was this article on blogging. My light bulb, aka. glitter filled cannon, went off & it clearly dawned on me that I need more writing in my life. So I ran, okay.. I tip-toed to prevent waking the HPOM & mini, downstairs and hopped on my laptop. I created a blog account, and here I am. Eeek! Baby steps into creating a bigger world of Savvy. I am so excited to go on this journey and I thank you for joining me. Cheers to self-love & discovery.