Asbjørn Ølnes

Life Coach in Arendal, Norge

Asbjørn Ølnes

Life Coach in Arendal, Norge

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Why should you listen to me?

"Only two things change your life: either something new comes into your life, or something new comes out of you."Brendon Burchard

It's funny.

Most people just look. They are spectators to life. They thrieve among the 95 %. They don¨t step outside their comfortzone..

To succeed in 2016 and beyond, you have to risk more. And do other things superbly and consistent.

But don't gamble with your health because it's your greatest wealth. If you ruin it, you have to spend all your time and money trying to recover. Proper planning in advance will enable you to avoid such disaster.

Hippokrates (460-370 b.C) said:

"Illnesses do not come out of the blue. They are developed from small daily sins against nature. When enough sins have accumulated, illness will suddenly appear."

I love my life and give life to every day. Just passed 76 - and have plans for my 100 birthday. Will you be invited?

Live Younger, Longer by taking control of your A.G,E,

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    • Building cash-flow
  • Education
    • Master of Life