Andrew Bradford

London United Kingdom

As my header suggests, I have more vices than virtues...: a cohort of the 'Millennial Generation' that is academically overqualified but professionally under-trained. An advocate of self-improvement, the majority of my professional skills are self-taught. Though not blessed with an abundance of natural talent, I am inquisitive, and given sufficient time & adequate tutelage, can accomplish the most basic of tasks to an intermediate standard. I'm not a confident speaker, and often struggle to articulate myself. But perhaps my lack of interpersonal skills are actually symptomatic of the Digital Age? As a digital immigrant I have found converting to my digital profile a disjointed & ironically disconnected experience, and I remain protective of my insular online identities. With technology moving so fast I find it hard to keep up with the tech savvy "iGeneration" that uses digital technologies with such immediacy to engage with their social networks... However, all good things come to those who adopt & adapt. If I had a divine epithet, it would be: Ανδρέας ο Ταιριαστός

  • Education
    • Goldsmith College, Universtity of London
    • The Open University