Andres Scarpone

Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Vault Bandits: Looters Unleashed (2014- Current)

October 2014

Vault Bandits: Looters Unleashed is a Video Game set in the Wild West, where three Bandits (Tala, Clyde and Francis) engage in different missions set out by their mentor to kill important targets, rob banks, couriers and other things and kidnap the most important VIP's of each town, all in order to gain the fortunes that will allow this three to reach their own goals trough out this gruesome story filled with tragedies, backstabbers and other unexpected turnabouts all in the most Tarantino's peculiar style.


Vault Bandits is one of the 20 finalist in the 2015 Play Station Awards.

BeerOcalypse: The last one and I go back home

May 2015

Proyect developed in 48h at the UPM's GameJam, by a 4 people team where the theme was "Beer"​.

BeerOcalypse it's a side scroll Beat'em up, inspired in the classical arcade games from the 80's like Double Dragon or Battle Toads.

In the game, you play as Blas, a drunk man who suddenly discovers that there is only one beer left in the whole world. After this he decides to go out into the streets to search for that last beer.

In the game after Blas steps out of the Bar to start his search, he sees that the city has fallen into chaos after all the drunkards have heard the news, but Blas is determined to drink that last beer, so he starts beating up every other drunkard he finds in his way and he's sacred bottle, but the way to it is plagued with dangers that he will have to overcome using the powers he gets after getting drunk from the alcohol contained in the blood of his adversaries, but be careful, because the more drunk Blas finds himself the harder it will be to control.

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    • Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
    • Universidad Nacional Experimental Politécnica 'Antonio José de Sucre'