Seth Blancbaston

Seth Blancbaston

I'm S. Ascelin Blancbaston. That's my real name, to be precise. Here, let me tell you something; I have two names. I'll tell you the details later.

I was born in the middle of the wealthy Blancbaston family. Yeah, wealthy but broken inside. Dad was nowhere to found until I reached my 5th birthday (that means Drake was 7), and Mom said he was drunk. So bad. That he claimed himself as a strigoi. Blergh. Oh anyway, Drake's my older brother. Teehee

My other name was given by my Mom, and it was 규현. Yeah, a Korean name because my mom is half-Korean half-French. Mom said that it has the opposite meaning of Seth, and what's funny is that both of the names affected my personalities. I can be cheerful and very helpful, but I could rapidly change as a bloke with a cold, mysterious aura. I never realised it up until my friends said so. Lel.

My school days in the academy were likely the same as the other else. The only difference is my meeting with Andromeda for the first time. She looked like a princess. Do you believe in love at the first sight? Because I do. However, I decided to put my thoughts of being in a relationship away and focused on my studies. Welp, I of course kept in touch with her.

As I stated before, I love Advanced Calculus a lot but right after I graduated from the academy, I felt super interested with how to make a clone. Ehm. I mean to make the best of the vampires' race, the mixture of moroi and dhampir. Ah, and also the alternative way to defend morois from strigois without involving any dhampirs at all. I'm now working for the research with my friends.

However, before I started the researches, I completely went bad. I drank a lot, went to the nightclubs to find someone to drink from... And that was because of the crazy lifestyle my Uncle did. Yeah, I was with Uncle for three years and it feels like hell. I felt no peace inside.

That's why I moved to Jeddah and stayed there for two years. I found my religion there, therefore I found peace and relief. Though I still really need to improve..

I finally married my queen on February 26th, and finally asked her to go to Versailles with me. She agreed to travel around the world and so here we are with our kids moving places for the sake of travelling.

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