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Ascellon Corporation


A prominent management consulting and information technology company with nearly 20 years of continuous operation, the Ascellon Corporation has become known for its ability to help clients overcome a wide variety of business challenges. The company focuses primarily on innovative enterprise-wide solutions, particularly those involving clients in sectors such as program management, IT, and health care. The Ascellon Corporation provides services through a number of contracting entities, including the GSA IT Services Schedule and the GSA MOBIS Schedule. Throughout all of its activities, the company remains dedicated to acting with honesty and integrity.

In terms of services rendered, Ascellon uses state-of-the-art analytics and program management techniques to analyze data and monitor results. In addition to identifying and applying best practices whenever possible, the company often creates custom turnkey programs for collecting and parsing data.

Ascellon serves international as well as domestic clients, and recently opened an office in Nigeria to serve those in Africa and the Middle East. To learn more about the products and services offered by the Ascellon Corporation, visit the company's website at