Headquartered in Quebec City, Corp. Ascensacion Int'l, Inc., builds, designs, and engineers innovative amusement park rides. The company's President and founder, Stephan Bernier, possesses years of experience as an entrepreneur and engineer. Over the years, Bernier has led Ascensacion in developing more than 30 projects in South America, South Asia, and the Middle East.

Although Ascensacion initially focused on climbing walls and bungee trampolines, the company has expanded to include ziplines. In fact, Ascensacion now has the distinction of having built the longest zipline in the world. Located in Cusco, Peru, this unique construction consists of 2,180 unbroken meters of breathtaking speed. One of Ascensacion's most exciting new products in this category is the ZipCurve, which combines the curves of the traditional roller coaster with a zipline.

Ascensacion ziplines incorporate technologically advanced brakes. The company has utilized triangulation bungee, spring, and magnetic brakes; its latest innovation is the patent-pending progressive counterweight brake. This powerful mechanism allows greater control than ever before. Careful attention is paid to these and other matters because Ascensacion strongly values safety. Each zipline system, constructed with the utmost attention to engineering and safety standards, is in compliance with all requirements of the Professional Ropes Course Association and the Association for Challenge Course Technology. Materials are routinely tested and suppliers are constantly scrutinized for quality.

Ascensacion benefits from its founder's knowledge of dynamics and operations. When conceiving of his projects, Bernier finds inspiration in climbing up the picturesque summits of Canada. He has participated in rock-climbing activities since 1995.