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professional sad boy in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

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xxiii | canadian | genderfukt | mixed (ojibwe/european)
they/them or he/his

interests: military history, world history, 30s/40s/50s music, classic film, science, bio-anthropology, design, programming, viddy games, retro sci-fi, fashion/lifestyle, horses, cats !!!, tarot, poetry, classic literature, supernatural/occultism, existentialism, conspiracy theories, chiaroscuro, cinemtography

my fave bois: bucky barnes, daud, naked snake + solid snake, james t kirk, roland deschain

i work @ dhl and i'm a hoe for the aesthetic™. eats too much sushi probably. hopeless romantic who has some kind of poem for every mood. permanently in love with old film stars. black and white or bust. my type is "horrible." named my cat after a bioshock character.
i have adhd - read everything but retain nothing. survivor.

aesthetic blog - all-his-engines
shitpost blog - cqcandchill
pinterest - aschenblute
deviantart - aschenblute
8trax - derwolfsmantel
insta - bristolblitz