Andrea Scotto Di Minico


I'm very passionate about calisthenics, eating, traveling, new technologies, web development and web design, therefore I'm constantly seeking to improve myself and my technical skills and deepen my knowledge of the IT industry.

I love music, books, drawing, photo shooting, photoshopping, typography... I had the opportunity to work at many different projects which from web designing/development to startups.

With the first startup which did not turn out great was Wellioo, indeed was a great road, where we were able to learn a lot about applications, user experience, entrepreneurship and everything in between.

After the first experience, I did not give up about startup, because I love the ecosystem, be the change to inspire others, so I had the opportunity to join Zenodys, that is about the internet of things or simply IoT. Here in Zenodys we are building an IoT development platform to simplify the creation of IoT solutions.

Live a life to inspire others. Yes, I would like to travel space.