Adam Simon Curtis


My main aim is to improve the life script and personal, academic and professional progression opportunities for my learners. I build confidence, collaborate and communicate well with both internal and external team members to create holistic learning and care settings which foster diversity and promote excellence and achievement.
My first ever paid job was in performance arts; working for several theatre companies incorporating voice, movement and character portrayal to create designed responses from audiences. This ranged from Pantomime and interactive and improvised murder mystery evenings to Shakespeare plays and more modern classics.
Working in the care industry was a lot like acting as I found that creating the right character, script and scene for interactions could have a hugely positive effect on the service users that I worked with, ranging from those with mild, moderate and severe learning difficulties, mental health issues, older people with and without dementia and additional physical needs, hearing impaired and sex offenders. As a manager, it was vital that I could model and promote high quality care practices to my colleagues whilst maintaining positive working relationships with those who needed more guidance and supervision. I would always refer to the head, the hand and the heart in care work. If a worker didn't have the knowledge to care, I could teach it to them. If they did not have the skills, they too could be learned. If someone has the heart, the passion, the right feelings and attitudes to care for someone else; this is the most significant factor. It is a philosophy that I still use today when meeting with prospective learners for courses in Health and Social Care and in any related industry.
Teaching is another outlet for my talents in performance art, creating lessons which involve innovative props and multimedia enabling participants to interact with topics, generate their own interpretations of them and fully synthesise the information.

  • Work
    • Head of Department - Health and Child Development
  • Education
    • BEd, CertEd, MSc Learning and Teaching (current)