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helium leak detector helium leak detector

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We are proud to announce the release of our new bench top helium leak detector, the TitanTest™. LACO’s TitanTest™ is a robust high-performance helium mass spectrometer leak detector that offers powerful solutions to the challenges of production leak detection applications. The TitanTest™ is perfect for reliable quality control in your assembly process and works well in many production environments for leak testing an array of parts.

Some examples of applications requiring helium leak testing that the TitanTest is best suited for include:

Automotive (Airbags, Gas tanks, Compressors, Fuel Rails, ABS Valves, Shock Absorbers, Manifolds, Radiators)

Aircraft/Aerospace (Hydraulic Components, Oxygen Lines, Engines, Fuel Tanks)

Medical (Implants, Surgical Devices, Catheters, Pacemakers, Blood Filters)

Energy (Batteries, Transformers, Fuel Cells, Solar, Circuit Breakers)

4. (P/N: TP-PC) Leak Testing Process Consulting: 4 hours of expert consulting service towards reviewing your leak testing process, recommending improvements and writing a test procedure.

5. (P/N: TP-IS) System Integration Support:4 hours of engineering consulting to support the integration of the TitanTest™ leak detector into a LACO-supplied custom system, or a customer-designed system.

6. (P/N: TP-MS) One-time Leak Detector Maintenance Service:Cleaning of the leak detector valve manifold, inlet filter, fan filter, changing rotary vane pump oil, replacing the turbo pump oil wick, calibrating the internal leak standard, replace oil cartridge (if present). Work performed at LACO’s shop. Must be performed once within the 2 year waranty or 10,000 hours (whichever comes first). Excludes shipping costs.

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