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A brand new collection of spring summer Hall of Fame clothing will hit the 5 Pointz online store in June, the actual latest snapbacks, new era caps and tops.

are usually based streetwear brand, hallway of Fame, joins American prosports cheap snapbacks apparel with streetwear themes and a major sense of humour. Theyre blowing up in a big way and this latest collection could be their most fashionable yet.

From humble starting symptoms, And a single Bristol store front in 2004, 5 Pointz has grown to become one the leading street wear stores in the UK. Their extensive online store offers the top in independent streetwear labels and heritage brands like Adidas Originals and Nike.

5 Pointz has championed the Hall of Fame label for sure seasons, And this will be the second drop of their Spring Summer 12 collection.

New releases include a selection of Crack snapback caps, In to choose red, Grey and teal with the phrase Fame is Crack padded onto the front. The Hustle snapbacks have the word padded in caps, using the same font as the famous Hustler magazine cover. stick with white, schokofarbene, Or black with leopard make.

Also on its way is the Fame Block new era Fitted Cap with heavily padded logo.

The Talked to Death tee is predicted to be huge. It features a front print of a classic snapback caps type of a well dressed gent being carried away on a stretcher with the question Whats your Max? made above. The design is usual for the brands off beat sense of humour; Theyve already discharged to several cheeky designs this year, Which you can check out on the 5 Pointz site, as of late.

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