About Me


-> Hello there. Well, I'm AqilaMaitsa. Just call me Aqila. <-

I'm an ELF. I do support EXO and LUNAFLY too. Which mean I love SuperJunior, EXO, and LUNAFLY.

I ship SuperEXO. #EunHae #KangTeuk #Kray #BaekYeol hard shipper.

I have a crush on that leader of EXO M who walks around the airport like a freaking model ~,~ [Mentally in love with DONGHAE-KRIS LOL]

Status? Forever in a relationship with all SuperJunior-EXO members :P

Well, I'm a picky follow back;) Think again before follow my account :P LOLOL.

Ummm, feel free to talk with me! I dun bite haha.

P.S : I tweet ALOT! I'll spam your timeline with my tweets haha. I cant keep calm because I'm a fangirl LOL. If I feel comfortable to talk with you, I will follback :]

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