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Feeling a bit like this? HAHAA!

U'v probably caught a link that brings you to this page OR I've conned you into coming for a visit:D

Currently freelancing a Computer Fixit Bizness, If your computers broke then I can fix it for pretty cheap, well at least cheaper than the shop, Now those guys will rip U off!

Example, A woman come to me one day for a simple reinstallation of windows, the shop was gonna sting her $220, I did the job for $60, that's a saving of almost 300%!

This is what I can do for YOU...

Reinstallation of Operating Systems

Deployment and Setting up Systems

Software Configuration

Network Configuration

Server Work

Backup (Maybe...)


Sorry I cant price these things, there's just too many variables in the work, I'l tell u what though, if you have a job for me to do and dont know about price ranges then call the shop for a quote and I'l undercut them by 25 - 50%! OR just come see me and I'l make up a price:D Straight up peeps, I'm a Professional! tho I may not talk that way, I'm a qualified tech.

Also, I LOVE fighting games, if your local and want a matchup, send me an email and I'l see what I can do

What I'm watching atm...

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phone : 0278452936

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