Asdrubal Martinez

I have served as Director of Technology for companies such as PrimeVision Telecommunications, Florida Virtual College, Fluent Technology, Cavas Wine Tasting Rooms, Printops and currently NuTech, a tech consulting company based in South Florida that offer services to many large companies among few YMCA Broward, National Liquidators, Cheney Brothers, etc. With more than 12 years of experience managing systems at all levels, from scalable networks to virtualization, to VoIP and video over IP. Well experience in coding, interfaces design, trouble shooting and testing. Designing and implementing platforms mainly under windows environment.

In addition to all my technical skills, I’m well experience in graphics arts. I have run and designed entire marketing campaigns, for all the companies that I have worked for. I’m extremely skillful with any adobe products and extremely versatile with Maya and Flash. I have develop many 3D characters used for presentations or marketing. I was nominated in 2004 for best marketing campaign, winning the award the following year when working for PrimeVision.

Currently I live in South Florida, I’m fluent in Spanish and English and I’m originally from Venezuela, Valencia.