Aseel Abusalha

Aseel Abusalha


Soft music at morning & hard rock for the evning, I eat cereal for dinner & always crave coffee at mid-night ,I enjoy being alone & always walk on the wrong side of the road ... someday, i'll be able to make music hurt with my guitar.

Nature is my cure, Winter is my season, Orange is my color, I dont watch movies, Music makes me high, I want every girl in the world to pick up a guitar and start screaming.

I build up dreams & create tones, I have a thing for Art, Poetry, Books, Drugs & Business.

I never leave home without my camera, much like I never leave without my shoes .. Photography has given me a meaning to express myself in ways I never could through other creative mediums ..

"Integrate photography into your life, If you always carry a camera, you never have to go out shooting"