Aseem Jain

Pune, India

Aseem Jain

Pune, India

Dreamer. Ambitious. Humble. Hustler. Human. Friend. Experienced at Failures. Hard core admirer of "Imagination". In love with @quentinterentino @christophernolan @richardbranson @outerspace .

Syllabus for life:

(a) See Northern Lights. Swim with a Dolphin. Visit Disneyland. Climb harbour bridge. Clubbing in ibiza.

(b) To find my own entertainment company.

(c) Jet fighter pilot for a day.

(d) Defy gravity.

(e) Make an enemy for life.

(f) To meet Dalai Lama.

(g) To produce and direct a sci-fi movie.

(h) To climb one of the seven summits.

(i) To clean-up the earth from pollution as much as possible.

(j) Forgive someone.

(k) To learn, promote and support action sports in India.

(l) To buy myself a Lamborghini.

(m) To be in "The 100 Most Creative People".

(n) To build a Space Elevator, open and available to public.

(o) To help find the cure for cancer.

(p) Let someone else have the chance I missed.