Abdul Khader Mohammed

Recruiter in Hyderabad, India

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I'm Abdul Khader, Working as a HR Assistant to Miracle Eyebrows and group of companies, USA. Beside this I'm a HR Manager for OmegaTech Hyderabad India.

I love learning technologies and help people learn technologies. I teach lot of subjects to people because alhamdulillah Allah made me capable of many things.

Just want to say all the world my belief n faith "learn, share and expand your knowledge' because nothing is permanent, only memories and deeds remain. Love all, help all, support all and if others are happy then they will make us happy, never make others fell sorrow.

Money is important but it has limit, we can eat best in eatables but stomach has its limit, we may look beautiful & handsome but life has limit... ONLY LOVE HAS NO LIMITS, SO LOVE ALL THOUGH THEY ARE GOOD OR BAD.