Asel Zhumangarina

Miami, Florida, United States

My name is A$€£ Zhumangarina. I was born on 22 August, 1997 in Kazakhstan. I love my country and the city I am from, and of course my nationality. I am proud of it, but something inside me just wants to be connected to America. This is probably why I decided to study in North Broward, graduate here, go to college, and successfully be hired to a high-paid job. Hopefully I’ll be accepted to a Top university and study oil business or how to survive on the stock market. That kind of thought probably came into my head because of the movies that in love to watch, especially if they’re about money. I have also seen how the amount of money in your wallet affects your life and opportunities as well as the way you are treated. I want to be known as a person who achieved a lot, want people to look at me with respect and then I will look into the mirror with pride. The reason I want this is probably because I care a lot about what people think about me. Also I have learned that if you want to keep something as a secret you better keep it inside. Trust nobody.

• “What’s done cannot be undone.”- William Shakespeare