Kuukua Dzigbordi Yomekpe

Syracuse, New York

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Kuukua Dzigbordi Yomekpe is a trans-disciplinary artist, choreographing West African dance forms, creating a fusion of Ghanaian dishes, and penning memoirs, essays, and social commentaries. She is the author of several essays and prose poems. Some of which have been included in: Berkshire Mosaic, Writing Fire: An Anthology Celebrating the Power of Women's Words, Pentimento, Fierce Hunger: Writing From the Intersection of Trauma and Desire, African Women Writing Resistance, Becoming Bi: Bisexual Voices from Around the World, and Inside Your Ear. Her Master's Thesis, “The Audacity to Remain Single: Single Black Women in the Black Church,” is anthologized in Queer Religion II (Praeger Publishers). She's also contributed to several blogs: The Feminist Wire, Queermentalhealth.org, This Is Africa, Digging Through the Fat, Spoonwiz, and Hola Africa.

Her scholarly and writing interests lie at the intersection of race and skin color, African culture, Black women’s bodies, expression of voice, mental dis-ease, and non-conformance and performativity. All her work is influenced by her education and socialization in womanist, feminist, and Africanist theories.

Kuukua is a dancer and culinary artist, proud to be an African woman and a politically queer woman of color. She avidly feeds a voracious travel bug that occupies the hinterlands of her soul, so is often found wandering various parts of the world.

She has her hands in three projects currently: The Coal Pot, a Culinary Memoir celebrating her Ghanaian roots, Musings of an African Woman, her blog that features a collection of personal essays about Black women, social situations, immigration and assimilation, and Spoonwiz, a foodie magazine. She blogs at: ewurabasempe.wordpress.com and is a contributing blogger at: spoonwiz.com

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    • Resident Director
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    • Master's in Theology
    • Master's in English
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    • Bachelor's in English