Student in Chicago, Illinois

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Hello, my name is asenath but they call me ase (ah-say most ppl mistake is for ace) hm well i am 15 i enjoy playing video games drawing and sleeping. I love anything that has to do with technology. Like wires and stuff even though im not the smartest in that section, umm id rather choose classic cars than new cars.. Like a hudson hornet. Idk what to say, oh i like cosplaying i have gone tooooo anime central anime midwest and con alt delete i currently have 3 cosplays hatsune miku default, ririchiyo from inuxboku, and senbonzakura miku! Ive recently gave cosplay a break though since I didnt want to keep upsetting some people very close to me but yeah! Oh i like shows like the 100, noragami, the walking dead yeah i didnt want to talk too much about anime and stuff on here sine i know u probably already know that Oh I like frank ocean, tyler the creator, logic blegh idk :'D but yeah! Im awkward at first i dont shut up when i get close to you and i say almost anything that comes to my head tadaaa!

I have a Twitter, and insta of course, a kik, snapchat, whatsapp u name it i prob have just dm if u want them

Ps I prob have a lot of spelling errors sorry!