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A Sensible Man

Once gay, I have grown beyond who I was. I am now bi-sexual. I still prefer the company of men to that of women, but intimately, emotionally, physically and sexually, the female now has no equal.

I matured slowly into this place as I was affirmed and loved (non-sexually). I grew as needs were met. I wasn't broken, I simply had legitimate needs as a kid that were unmet. As I was sexualised by culture and later puberty, I naturally sought comfort in atypical ways. Desires became actions, actions became neural highways and the more I drove them the more automatic the route became.

So I am not an EX-gay; let me be clear (hate that deceptive phrase) but I did grow beyond it.

If I knew then what I know now, I would have lived VERY differently. As would those who loved me.

The gay lobby is an embarrassment to me and many on the sexual diversity continuum. They intimidatate, bully and distract. They are intolerant, deceiptful, manipulative and hateful. In pushing against helpful research and driving honesty underground they have:

- Contributed criminally to suicide (caused by a lack of hope),

- Increased the number of young people entering into this confusion, and

- Increased the spread of HIV/AIDS (especially during it's early days in the 90's).

Now, they aim to rewrite marriage so that motherhood and fatherhood is irrelevant, family is destroyed, lives like mine become 'hate' speech and our children are taught lies about sexual and relational development.

Marriage change is being sought to normalise sexual diversity!

We got told a "born this way lie".

How can re re-inflict such an abuse on those that follow us?