Ahmed Serhan

Kuwait city, Kuwait

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Hey there, my name is Ahmed Serhan and here i will be telling you about myself. Firstly, I am from Lebanon, but i am authorized as an american citizen. I'm currently 15 years old, my birthday is on July 3rd, 1998. I have three siblings that someday i might kill, as you can tell we get along very well. I'm a twin, how many can say that, its freaky and cool at the same time, the only problem is my parents make me share everything with him. I have a 14 year old sister that i love to them, she just lights up my day. We have this gossip night every night, where she would complain and i would listen and give her the worst feed back, then she would complain about my feedback. Thats how me and her roll. I am probably closer to my sister than my brother or baby bro. That little guy is the devil. He is annoying, disrespectful, stubborn, arrogant, cute, and fun. I play soccer with him in our yard almost everyday, and i actually have fun doing so. So this is whats up about me. Also, i am a blogger so if you would like check my blog in the link below, hope you enjoy. I go to the American school of Kuwait, its actually i really good school. The students and teachers in it are really nice and open minded. We have strict rules about fighting or plagarizing, etc. I am in a class where we have to creat a blog and i actually like it. I enjoy going on my blog seeing people cooment on it and following me. I've learned to love it. My blog is about food, because you know who doesnt love food. As i visit my blog every time i always find a way to make it better so that its the best, or atleast my best.

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