Asfar Shakeel

Civil Engineer and Student in New Delhi, India

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As one of those slaves enslaved by the clock and its demon brothers the short hand and the long hand, I usually have little time on my hands.

As every scarce resource I value my 'free' time abundantly. Its ironic as its rarely when a free item is valued, never-mind.

When I am free I think about those things which usually are subject to discussion in the public discourse but I simply don't have the time to generate an opinion original to my thoughts. So once I've thought gravely I start to read. And when I've read to the point that I have confused my original thought I break free.

I jog, I cycle, I swim and later in the day I return to my bed and start to write and discuss with other confused souls about other confusing topics.

I feel like a crusader. With a digital foot print. Oh and by virtue of my job I am perpetually travelling to otherwise avoided locations. So whats up?