Asgar Mahomed

As a young man in his early 20s with a keen interest in IT, Asgar was constantly approached by family and friends to advise on and help with their computers. After assembling PCs on a dining room table at his parents' home, Asgar realised it was a short step to take his skills to a professional level and offer a total IT solution to his clients. After listening closely to his client's requirements, Asgar would provide a tailored IT solution by sourcing machines and software and providing installation as well as training. In 1989, Asgar opened a retail store in Pretoria called Micro Matrix Computers, and expanded the business from selling one PC per day to 10 machines a day. The business soon went national with offices in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth and within three years, the business opened another four stores across the country. In 1994, being a truly BEE company, Asgar realised there was a major gap in the industry to supply and service the Government and Corporate sector and formed Casey Electronics to offer IT support in this market sector. In 1998 Asgar and his team listed the Casey Group, as well as the retail stores, Micro Matrix Computers, on the JSE under the name Casey Investment Holdings Limited. In its 13-year history, Casey grew organically and was voted the sixth largest IT distributor in South Africa by the Corporate Research Foundation. In 2000, Casey was acquired by Black Information Technology Empowerment Company (BLITEC). Looking for the next business venture, Asgar with his business partner, Mahomed Cassim started Esquire Technologies, growing the business in a few short years from 4 people to 160 staff, branches countrywide and an established position as a leading IT distributor of computer and lifestyle products in southern Africa. Asgar still keeps close to other fledging businesses, keen to pass on lessons learnt, acting as a mentor, nurturing good ideas and encouraging entrepreneurship as well as contributing to organisations such as The Minara Chamber of Commerce. He is involved in Al-Najda Foundation, an organisation that provides bursaries to students who have the skills, commitment and drive to progress their education, but who face financial hurdles. Asgar has aimed to create a healthy and holistic business environment, based on the principles of integrity, authenticity and prosperity. He has managed to balance his personal life and business, spending a great deal of time with his wife and thre