Asghar Ranjbar


He was born on April 1985. His eager for cooking may be something in his blood. His family has a long story in cooking.

Now, the youngest member of Ranjbar cooking family has become the chef of one of the most famous and largest chain restaurants (BOOF) in Iran.

Simply could say the seed of this art and science has been planted in his soul by his father "Head chef Ghahreman Ranjbar" which had been the chef of HOMA Hotel (5stars), and one of the pioneers masters of cooking in Iran's universities.

The young chef, gained many experiences by working with his father and by passing the Iranian, international and fast-food cooking advanced courses reached to the level of capability that in the age 22 succeeded to teach this field at the "Hoor-rizan" international institute and meanwhile, after a short time he succeeded to start his activities in "Ashpazbashi" magazine - one the oldest and sophisticated cooking magazines in Iran - as a member of editorial until the end of 2011.

Besides of his educational and journalism activities, after passing special courses at BOOF chain restaurants, he got the internal branch manager position and officially started his job for 3 years.

His unlimited eagerness led him to study more and pass the complementary courses and finally his goal reached him to that level of proficiency that after re-inviting him to BOOF, he returned as the head chef and nutrition consulatant as well.

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