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✨howdy! im rowan or asgore, a trans boy, and i live in california. i use he/him and xey/xem ONLY. please respect this. i speak a slight amount of swedish and french, though i am not fluent. im always looking for people to practice with! :0

i get anxious easily and if i am left out of things, i will often breakdown. please be aware of this when following

i am NOT professionally diagnosed with anything, though i show every symptom of anxiety, add, bpd and depression.

‼️do NOT follow if you (are) :



-a pedophiliac

-a zoophiliac


-you fat shame/slut shame

-do not come near me if you make fun of how someone looks for any reason tbh

-under 13

✨IF YOU ARE FRIENDS WITH/ASSOCIATE WITH THE PEOPLE I DO NOT LIKE PLEASE DO NOT FOLLOW ME!!!! dm me if you would like to know who i am uncomfortable with!

✨tbh just tag me in dumb/cute shit i love it

✨my qpp is @ielcast!!! theyre my fav dont Touch them

✨im a pretty friendly person, and i dont mind if you message me any time. my kik is asgorekin (or twinArmaggedons_) if you want to talk to me!



✨-asgore (undertale)✨

✨-lionblaze (warriors)✨

✨-hawkfrost (warriors)✨

✨-lafayette (❗️hamilton musical !!i do not claim the race of daveed diggs(lafayette), nor am i factkin!!❗️)✨


✨-707/luciel/saeyoung (mystic messenger) (unsure about this kin! please ask to follow if you share it)


primaries: (ok to follow)

-poochyena/mightyena (pokemon)

-jolteon (pokemon)

-shiny skuntank (pokemon)

secondary: (ok to follow)



questioning kins:



-lance (voltron)

-ruby (steven universe)

-things i love to be tagged as:

foxes, dogs, cats, scar (tlk), crookedstar (warrior cats), moth flight (warrior cats), thunder (warrior cats), nick wilde (zootopia)

DM me a photo of lion from steven universe so i know you read this! i will not accept otherwise.