Ash Howell

Wellington, New Zealand

Before you comment my life, You need to live it or at least try. The important opinions are from those that I care about,because life is to short to love someone who don't deserve it.(: I am sick of those bad people, fake smiles,fake budies.. Not a bad time-bad people. I am really not intrested in what I have done to you but if I made a mistake I apologized And I will always do ;] I'm not jealous of anyone. But when someone is better than me I admire to them. When I have a problem with someone try it solve it. I don't hate anyone just some people I love more some less. I don't care about someone else's life I have mine.I don't like to have enemies, but my friends are everything to me .I don't love everyone but for those that i love i give my life!

  • Education
    • Upper Hutt College