Ashley Torbeck

Louisville, KY

The first thing I learned about being a writer is that all writers are certifiably insane. Seriously. Have you ever met a writer who was perfectly sane? Didn't think so.

So, naturally, I'm absolutely bonkers.

Okay, about me. Funny story, when I was writing my very first bio, I was stumped and asked my friend what I should write. She told me to start at the beginning. My response?

I was the sperm that won.

Apparently, that was too far back. So let's just sum it up by saying I'm a published author who writes mainly Young Adult Paranormal Fiction. I freelance as an editor and publishing assistant for other authors who self-publish, as well as other freelance writing projects. My series, the Daughters of Night Trilogy, includes Sanctuary, Possession, and Tribulation (slated for release 2013). I've also compiled an anthology of short stories based on dreams, Confessions from an Unstable Mind, and wrote a book for Blue Ribbon Books called Orphan House.

On a more personal level, I'm a 30 year old southern gal who likes to pretend she's not aging past 25. I met my husband in 1999, we started dating in 2002, and we tied the knot in 2009. He's the only person as weird and insane as I am. I LOVE horror movies (especially B-Rated and Independent movies!!), and my favorite author of all time is Stephen King. My favorite foods are chicken, pasta, and a damn good ribeye cooked medium. I'm a sucker for chocolate, but I prefer strawberry, especially when it comes to ice cream. I absolutely love baking, and I make epic caramel apple cheesecake bites that will rock your world. I hate tea and anything that tastes purple. I learned to crochet in 2012 when I was stuck in bed after knee surgery, and I'm getting pretty good at it. I'm ridiculously clumsy, and I am a total rock star in the shower and in the car, but I'd be an American Idol reject for sure. I live in Louisville, KY, with my hubby Andy, and our furbabies. Blizzard and Luna are cats, Axel is a purebred Siberian Husky with ADD, separation anxiety, and a hoarding obsession.

I have a pretty cool blog, Drunken Space Penguin, where I share stuff about other authors, my own work, and totally random posts to keep the readers intrigued. You can also find a list of services I offer to other authors, such as reviews, editing, etc.

Thanks for reading, and make sure you visit my other site

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