Asha Aravindakshan

Washington, DC

I thrive in entrepreneurial environments that welcome operational change, foster meritocracy and inspire self-starters to jump out of their lanes.

At CEB, I guided senior corporate executives in making the best use of our products and services to improve their organizations. Every day, I found new and better ways to share client updates and helped my colleagues strengthen their sales conversations. I developed dashboards and templates that could be easily populated with consolidated product information; these became standard CEB offerings.

I had the opportunity of a lifetime to serve my local government. I contributed to the intersection of government, politics and technology in enhancing the lives of Washington, DC residents. I streamlined intra-agency and inter-agency processes to improve service delivery, reallocated resources to ensure program outcomes were delivered on time, and encouraged colleagues to productize their services during tough budget times.

Now, I'm poised to lead the operations of a growing start-up or small business. I want to leverage my expertise to lead the right organization to recruit and retain the best talent, bridge the sales and technical teams to make better products and maintain high levels of customer service across the board.

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