Adill Shaakir

Facilitator at Active Citizens in Bangladesh

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Mr. Nisar Uddin Adil Shaakir, family name Shaakir. Most familiar to people Adill Shaakir. He was born in the middle-class family in 1992 at Ulipur Kurigrame as a first sexed person. After that, he was the inhabitant of Rangpur City. He is the believer of social democracy and the doctrine of Survival of Fittest. As a devoted follower of Sigmund Freud he fosters Freud in his conscious or subconscious mind. He likes nature, flower, book, beautiful women, food, gossip, movie, and travel, and folksy and friendly person. he is also the believer of egoism, fatalism, moderates, moderate feminism, socialism, and individualism. But he hates communal-ism, Islamic militarism, terrorism, violence, rape, torture, silence male torture, narrowness, cultural lag, strong traditional customs. He is so much frank in sexual factor’s and find it everywhere, but he is fully opponent of conventional marriage system and support part-time marriage system or mutual consent population which is not harmful to society. If personally he dislikes homosexuality but he supports it as for normally. He prefers to see the world as the eye of Freud. He also likes the courtship with copulation. Anyhow if religiousness is his ego ideal so he is not only paynim but also practicing paynim who practices less times. At all, He prefers God, Parents, and his Life as himself without following of others. Currently, He enrolled in the Bachelor’s program at Institute of Social Welfare and Research, University of Dhaka and is in his 6th semester. As a student of Social Medical, he has a special zeal for Psychology, Psycho-social reality, Gender concern, Woman empowerment and open conscription. Now he dishes up with Freudian Society, British Council Active Citizen Program and Rotaract club of Aarong {Dhaka University}. He is passionate with Travelling, Blogging, and social networking. He just wants to become a prominent Social Doctor and delusions of launching a program of his hold which will help populace to cultivate a constructive Approach and promote them to make out a diminutive bliss of life.

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