Sebastopol, California

Lover of Life, creative expression, movement/dance and improvisation. I am a massage therapist with a passion for nurturing the physical, emotional and soul body. A dedictated yoga instructor, I especially love supporting beginners and returnees in creating well-being through conscious movement practice.

I am a somatically oriented body worker with over fifteen years of experience and training in a full spectrum of hands-on healing modalities and body-awareness facilitation. I hold certificates from the Marin-based Alive and Well School of Holistic Massage and the Moving-On School of Somatic Arts and Healing.

Each transformative session with me is a deep dive into nurturance for your body, heart and soul. Sessions typically include hands-on massage, guided visualization, breath work and body-awareness support. Available by appointment. Please contact me for more information.

As a teacher, I bring compassionate presence, years of somatic training, playful curiosity and a deep love of Spirit to each and every class. Individually tailored private classes are available and highly recommended - particularly for those just getting started or those wanting to address a specific health concern.

Yoga classes in Sebastopol are offered:

Thursday - 5:30 to 7pm - (call for location)

Friday - 10:30 - 12pm - (call for location)