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Ashanti Jayasena

Project Manager in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

My journey began as a 17 year old while in high school, as an associate junior speech & drama teacher. As a teenager I always dreamt of becoming an airline stewardess as I was fascinated to see the world to see what is beyond my tiny island. With time, the dreams and ambitions in life changes as we grow to become more intelligent and understand what is right for our personality. At the time I graduated from high school, the IT industry was booming and as everyone else I was drawn towards it. Graduated in Computer Science, I still wasn't certain about my career path and I was offered a part-time opportunity as a junior drama teacher in a private school. I really enjoyed being around students as this was what i was good at as a teen but after few months I realized I wanted to do something more with what I studied and test my skills and strengths.

My professional career began as an intern in 1998 in a software company in Sri Lanka, owed by one of the most prestigious software companies located in Boston. Within few months I secured a permanent position as a Technical Writer where I began to thrive and prove my abilities. Soon I was given the oppertnity to travel and work in client sites in other continents which gave me the strength to grow & become who I am today. I migrated to Canada in 2003, took a twist in the industry and started my new journey in project Coordination and to reach my final career goal- a Project Manager.

Looking back at my journey for more than 15+ years, I didn't achieve what I dreamt as a teenager BUT believe I placed myself in a much better path where I enjoy working everyday to learn something new, take challenges and work with talented people with different skill sets.

I love watching movies, writing poetry, music, reading and most importantly I love challenges. I'm dedicated, I'm a very humble individual who takes life as a roller coaster where I challenge myself to win any obstacle life may bring.

  • Work
    • Postmedia
  • Education
    • Memorial University of Newfoundland
    • Centennial College