Ashwini (Asha) Srikantiah

I'm an MBA student at the Rotman School of Management, a trainee in design thinking, and a sucker for a good story. If I'm not at school, I'm probably listening to talk radio, scooting around on my bike, or eating. Most likely eating.

Here are three projects I worked on recently - click on the titles to be linked.

1) Banking Moments: Created for Royal Bank of Canada's "Next Great Innovators" challenge, this project re-examines what business the bank is really in.

2) Nestle: In the fall of 2011, a group of us at Rotman were lucky enough to prototype the "Live Innovation Challenge" - a full-length innovation consulting engagement to create a new product line for Nestle. Here's a snapshot of our research process and the insights we gathered from it.

3) Case Study - TD Bank and the Little Bang of 1987: In 1987, the Canadian financial system went through a major deregulation, akin to the repeal of America's Glass-Steagall Act. I wrote a case study on this historical event, and TD Bank's black-sheep style strategy amidst all this change. The case study is now required reading in an MBA class at Rotman.