Ashay Mervyn

Head of Emerging Markets in Nigeria

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Thank you for visiting the page of Ashay Mervyn. As Head if Region for Emerging Markets at JNF Capital, Ashay is responsible for the investment flows into Sub-Saharan Africa, China, The Middle East and Latin America. Throughout his time with the company, Ashay has grown business to current investments of 200million USD anually. These professional achievements, as well as his commitment to assisting non-profit groups in raising funds for the underprivileged render him a trusted consultant for a variety of organisations.

Ashay Mervyn has long held a commitment to educatiuon. Seeking to learn tge intricacies of the industry, Ashay spent time at several universities, studying to earn a number of degrees. His journey through higher education began at the University of Miami, where he earned a Bachelor's degree in Economics and International Studies. He then attendthe University of Bath, aquiring a Master's degree before then going on to study at the University of Leicester.

Ashay's extensive knowledge of best business practice trnascend the private sector. Aside from the success he has achieved as Director of Emerging Markets for JNF Capital, Ashay's commitment to non-profit causes has seen him work closelyy alongside a number of organisations striving to improve conditions of underpriviliged across the UK and Africa. While serving as Project Development Office for Toold for Self Reliance, Ashay was responsible for the development and sourcing of funding with an aim toward increasing self-sufficiency. He also designed and implemented a project to provide literacy, numeracy, and vocational education for 200 young women living in or around Tarnale Nothern Ghana.

In 2008, Ashay Mervyn accepted the role of Development Manager of Childhood First, an organisation dedicated to securing the wellbeing of vunerable children throughout the United Kingdom. Whilst working with the Northampton Leaving Care Service, Ashay was responsible for designing a project to provide transitional support for young people leaving care. Other resposibilities included researching potential funders, supervising extensive project evaluation and submitting reports to funders and institutional bodies. Ashay raised more than £275,000 over a period of three years. Today he continues to devote his time to charitable causes in hopes of inflicting change upon the state of poverty in the UK and Africa.

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