Ash 'Ashbeezy' Brown

It all started with a young girl from the Bronx. At age 5, Ash knew in her heart that she would one day be a Star! She had no idea of the tumultuous journey ahead but maintained that she was ready for anything.
After high school, Ash began a very promising career in modeling. She was featured in print work & commercials for clients in the southeast. Some of those clients include Home Depot, Lowes, Old Navy & Macy's.
Ash soon desired another challenge. This one would be the most influential decision that would ultimately change her life forever. She wanted to learn about radio. In between college courses, she would drop by her local radio station & soak up as much as she could. She had learned every aspect of radio production after 4 years as assistant to the program director.
After graduating, Ash decided to leave the entertainment industry. Little did she know that the industry would come chasing after her! She was sought out by online radio for an announcer position. She was hesitant at first but took a leap out on faith.
Production was where her heart & soul roamed freely. She was very familiar with creating, editing & producing radio spots. It was second nature to her. She thrived at building business relationships with clients in the global market.
For five years, Ashbeezy was the Promotional Division Operating Officer for a radio station. In the past year, she has created a brand that exceeds expectations.
Her weekly podcast audience continues to grow by the thousands every month. Acts such as K. Michelle, Keith Robinson, Jaguar Wright, Somaya Reece & Rasheeda have all been on the program.
This year has been huge for the 'First Lady'. Next year promises to be bigger and so much better!