Ashley Qualls

I don't know where I'll be in a week, much less five years from now. I want to travel the world, live in different states, have children & about 100 different professions. I spend a lot of time thinking of obscure things and ideas. I love having deep conversations, I could talk with you for days about the creation of life and the million possibilities of how it came to be. I like figuring out life's mysteries too, though it's not as easy as laughing about them and just enjoying the ride. I love studying society, humanity, & metaphysics. I also design, write, & paint. Life is my sea of inspiration. I'm obsessed with knowledge and learning, though I can't really stand traditional learning environments -- I just think they're outdated. I love a good conspiracy theory and appreciate out-of-the-box thinking more than you would probably think. I guess I'd consider myself a truth seeker, without many needs aside from love and the basics anymore -- which I can deal with.