Ash Bond

A true Renaissance woman, I’ve done it all, including donning an easter bunny suit at the Philly Zoo, a wet suit at the New England Aquarium, a power suit in an international board room, and a scientist suit (lab coat and goggles) in a number of different labs.

While my interests lead me to multiple arenas such as acting, working with animals, and politics, I have two true passions in life: science and the written word. Fascinated by the natural and living world around me, I endeavor to jot as much down as I possibly can. Basically, I’m a writer who tries to see the humor and relevance in everyday life, in nature, in how it all seems to come together.

A true scientist, I play my life by theory and hypothesis. I'll try anything once. I've found that you cannot say something is bad or that you hate something if you've never tried it. By not trying it, you allow your ignorance to be the deciding factor in something that could potentially change your life.