Ash Chetri

Software Engineer, Musician, and researcher in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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I am a software engineer, musician, and researcher currently living in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. My interests range from Neuroscience to Artificial Intellgience. I am also interested in Journalism, science, and technology.

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My principle research interests lie within sensory and motor systems research (multi sensory integration, neuronal circuitry, audition, vision, vestibular systems, and spinal cord injury). I am also fascinated in projects which seek to develop human-machine interfaces through an applied interdisciplinary approach in sensory and motor systems research. Nevertheless, as I am from a cognitive neuroscience background, cognition and behaviour (learning, attention, language, and emotion) are also areas that I am keen to work on.

Through the use of novel methods, resources and technological development (i.e. optogenetics, bioinformatics, electrophysiology) my future research plans aims to extend such studies for practical applications in healthcare, academia, and enterprise.

  • Education
    • University of Westminster