ash sethi

Ash Sethi | Director

Ash Sethi has over two decades of commercial and marketing experience within the technology and internet sectors. He is directly responsible for the management of a number of IndusView's clients, providing strategic advice and identifying investment opportunities.

Ash has a wide range of experience within the private and public sectors including; retail, marketing, technology, telecommunications, and health. He has developed and managed a range of client relationships, business strategies and capital raisings. His most recent work has been in the public sector working as a strategic consultant with the Home Office to help increase the promotion and effectiveness of health services such as the Primary Care Trusts for ethnic communities in the U.K. He was also the Diversity Officer for a large government commissioning body in Nottingham County.

Ash has been a strategic advisor for United Bank Switzerland (UBS), Europe’s second largest bank and Deloitte Touche Tohamtsu, one of the largest professional services organizations in the world and one of the Big Four auditors. He has also been a board level strategic consultant for multinationals like British Telecom (BT), one of the world’s leading providers of communications solutions and services; Dunlop, one of the world's biggest tyre brands; NTL (now Virgin Media), U.K.’s leading cable television base; and BP Castrol, one of the world’s most respected industrial and automotive lubricants.

Ash Sethi was also a Senior Associate for Ariadne Capital where he undertook financial analysis and due diligence services both from a financial, marketing and technological perspective while enabling clients to build value adding relationships with supply partners, resellers and new customers. He was also instrumental in the development of their proprietary Knowledge Management System.

He was previously Head of Marketing Communications at Tandy (Radioshack), which was the U.K.’s largest electronic retailer and worked on the first commercial e-commerce site in the U.K. with Tandy, looking at all aspects of ecommerce including buying online, payment gateways, integrating into back end systems, real-time price changes as well as relevant warehousing and distribution issues. He was also Chief Executive Officer for an innovative online insurance company as well as being the Marketing Director for one of the first new media comp