Ash Conway

CEO and Founder in Melbourne Victoria, Australia

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As a kid I aspired to be Michael J Fox (Alex Keaton) in Family Ties. I saw something of myself in him. I was short, always coming up with new business ideas, new ways to make money, and first on the block to get the latest technology. These days that's developing start-ups selling “pickaxes and shovels” to the gold rush happening in workplace tools.

Thankfully, I got taller, but never lost the passion for building start ups, rolling up my sleeves and having a crack at making my ideas a reality. I’m grateful to my early adopter instincts for leading me to technology that makes those ideas come to life.

I married up which led me to producing a beautiful daughter and kick ass son. I'm Australian born, train as a highly amateur boxer (0-0), and saved 15 people when caught in the 2004 Tsunami on Phi Phi Island. Buy me a beer and I’ll tell you about it.

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