Ash D

Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Fashion is not just something I admire from a distance; I like to make it a part of my daily life, the same way that people acquire a hobby or an affixation to particular things; such as collecting rocks or jogging daily. I try my best to keep up with all current fashion trends and I am immensely inspired by fashion trends and styles on a daily basis. Contrary to popular belief, fashion is not for the narrow minded and self-obsessed individual, instead it serves to broaden one’s psyche through the means of physical expression on the human body, allowing the body and mind to act as a blank canvas. It is the pieces of garment laid upon them that creates one’s soul. I truly am what I wear. I have completed a National Diploma in Fashion & Textiles and am currently studying a foundation degree; FdA Fashion. This allows me to study the heart of fashion in even more detail and will hopefully one day give me enough experience to launch my own successful business, potentially going global. My blog is to keep track of current and future projects. Not only will it give me the chance to see my progression in great detail, it will also be a great way to share my work with the public. So with that being said, enjoy!