Ash Donaldson

Sydney, Australia

I design products, services and environments to nudge people's behaviours in the right direction.

To get into this field, I studied Human Factors: the applied science of human performance, taking into account psychological, social, physical, environmental and technical strengths and limitations.

I've been fortunate enough to serve as Australia's:

First Federal Court Expert Witness in Human-Computer Interaction;

Representative to ISO, developing Human-Centered Design International Standards; and

Chair of the national Human-Computer Interaction conference, OzCHI.

I'm addicted to exploring new ideas, and as such, am a proud TEDster.

Born in Brisbane and raised in many cities, I tend to be found with a suitcase in hand, ready to move on to the next adventure.

  • Work
    • Behaviour Design Specialist
  • Education
    • Master of Human Factors
    • Bachelor of Multimedia
    • Diploma of Design
    • Commercial Pilot