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Ash Koehnke

Denver CO

- - - I don't believe it can't be done... - - -

::: I love adventure >>--> a good challenge >>--> good people

:::I take pride in working cohesively with others under various circumstance.

::: Graduate from Cornell College >>--> Bachelors of Specialty Studies in 2011. My final thesis was taken from a religious art anthropologist’s stance.

::: Constantly seeking knowledge >>--> Since graduating from college, I have pursued alternative education.

>>--> Yoga in Thailand, receiving Yoga Alliance 200hr certification.

>>--> Permaculture Design Certification from Occidental Arts and Ecology Center.

>>--> Massage Therapy with Denver Integrative Massage School,

>>--> Herbalism Certification.

::: Learned life lessons with travel >>--> Europe, Southeast Asia, and Central America.

}}} I believe that with respect and consciousness, inevitable globalization can be accompanied by cohesion concerning ecological and humanitarian progress. I pride myself in being an advocate for cross-culture and cross-discipline appreciation. {{{

::: Most enjoy working independently as a facet of a well-rounded team >>--> Appreciate working within a supportive community environment where everyone has an appreciation for each other’s talents.

::: As an artist and musician, I am highly enthusiastic about the art world and the ability art has to bridge gaps between communities. I feel that used appropriately art forms of all types allow us to interweave valuable knowledge, camaraderie, and healthy self-expression into our world.

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