Autumn Souron

Springfield, Missouri

:: Name :: Autumn Rajean Russell - Souron :: Age :: 25
:: Gender :: Female (Obviously)
:: Race :: Native American/ German / Caucasian
:: Height :: 5'6"
:: Weight :: undisclosed :: Orientation :: Bisexual
:: Personality :: Shy at first, Privet yet publicly cuddle, Sweet talker, Calm, Easily temperamental, passionate, Lovable, dependable, reliable, easily distracted, very spaced out.
LIKES: Friends, Some Family members, Happy people, Helping people, Snuggling, Cuddling, Laying down watching movies, Playing video games, Adult Comic books, Adult Literature, Spending time with her son, Swimming, Reading, Camping, Fishing <--- OH YEAH!!!, Going to the lake, Going to the Pool, Going to the Park, Taking walks, going for SLOW bike rides, reminiscing about the past...ect
:: DISLIKES :: Egotistical people, judgmental people, rude and over bearing people, Anything dealing with politics, Endangering animals (other then fishing), Being bored, being hurt, bees, wasps, users, liars, abusers, child beaters, child molesters, murderers, drugs, drinking ( on a level ), being forced to do things I don't enjoy naturally doing...ect
:: FAMILY :: • Mother: Janet Kathrine Doke • Father: Dale Lee Russell • Step Father: Cliff J Doke • Step Mother: Kitty Russell • Sisters: - Katie A. Russell, Summer Pape, Amanda Thomas, Angie Baney, Ginger Kelly, April Vermitte, Dannielle Cunningham • Brothers: - Dalton L. Russell, Michael Cunningham, David Baney, Gene Pape, Ben Gremmels • Aunts: - Billie Romines, Carla Smith, Betty Girth, Malinda Pike, Pam Russell, Donna Russell • Uncles: - James Russell, Lauren Russell, Calvin Russell, Delbert Russell, Bud Doke, Andy Davis, Lester Davis, Robert Davis. • Cousins: - Crystal, Christina, Crystalynn, Cordell, Darren, Dustan, Robert, Briant, Amber, Shane, Joshua,....ect ( To many to name)

  • Work
    • Yes I work, I'm a stay at home mom!
  • Education
    • Hillcrest High School
    • Pleasant Hope High
    • Everest College - Springfield