Asher Elkayam

A prolific author, Asher Elkayam has written several books, including One Family, Four Cultures, Four Continents; The Qur’an and Biblical Origins; Your Memory Bank and How to Use It; and The Bible, The Power of The Word. Recently, he completed Whose God Is It Anyway? a book examining the divisive nature of religious intolerance and exploring how humanity can achieve greater unity and understanding.
Asher Elkayam has served as President and owner at Trutone/Westminster Hearing Aid Centers in Reisterstown, Maryland, since 1985. A licensed specialist in the assessment and testing of hearing capability, Asher Elkayam fits clients with hearing devices to improve their level of communication with others. As a former Language Teacher for Berlitz Languages, Inc., Asher Elkayam realizes the importance of clear communication and enjoys giving those with hearing challenges a chance to achieve it.
Asher Elkayam possesses a history of impressive educational accomplishments, including attending Alliance Israélite Universelle High School in Haifa, Israel. Next, he studied humanities and political science for two years at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and then transferred to France’s University of Strasbourg to earn his degree in international relations and political science.
Asher Elkayam next obtained his Master’s degree in Education from Towson State University in Maryland. Several years later, he earned national board certification in Advanced Studies in Hearing Science from the National Institute for Hearing Instruments Studies. In 1995, he received another diploma from the American Conference of Audioprosthology.
Besides teaching Berlitz, Asher Elkayam has acted as an Instructor for both French and Hebrew studies. He also taught a memory course for 24 years in a Baltimore continuing education program. Asher Elkayam currently acts as a member of The American Legion, and he previously served both the Israeli Defense Forces and the Army National Guard in Maryland. As a former President of The Hearing Society of Maryland, Delaware, and Washington, D.C., Asher Elkayam increased membership in the organization and encouraged new licensees to participate in a higher educational program in order to achieve maximum professional efficiency. Also a member the International Hearing Society (IHS).