Ashfaq Ahmed

Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Its me - Ashfaq Ahmed, an individual from Bangladesh. A computer graduate and working as a freelance web developer and graphic designer. Always very funny and eat a lot. I enjoy all the activities in my life even it hurts me well. Watching movies and reading novels is my passion. I also love to write blogs, poems, articles.

I've always been fascinated with martial arts, with the Eastern culture, the mysteries and magic of those forgotten times. Times of legends, of samurais, of Masters, times of honor and skill.
My favorite genre is action, war and mystery. I love films focusing on the Samurai, a few of my favorites are -The Hidden Blade (2004) - Assassins (2010) a bit of an old classic - Harakiri (1962) if you like this genre you must see it...
I'm into action films generally, although watch anything.
I've been interested in history for a long time, and love sculpture and art, I like modern art and metal sculpture, I've always wanted to create something in bronze, one day... maybe.
I've been collecting samurai swords rages, no surprises there.... There is something about the beauty, the aesthetic shape, the shine.... There is certainly something artistic about samurai swords, something timeless, but practical.
I've always been into sport, i like to keep active you know always keeping busy, I like to start my day with a morning run, I do a bit of boxing as well.
What else to say about me, as well as collecting samurai swords I also collect sports memorabilia. I also love travelling and rocking with my friends.

  • Work
    • Media Wiz
  • Education
    • BSc in Computer Science from AIUB