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Ashford Publishing

A registry of talented individuals in the sectors of medicine, law, engineering, government, arts, and sciences, Ashford Publishing provides selected individuals with tools to better market themselves to the community. Ashford Publishing believes the right tools can bolster a company's image on the web and among important members of a business' industry.

On the public relations side, Ashford Publishing offers members services such as client relations, the publication of press releases for high-volume distribution, the ability to produce and edit videos for member use, and the creation of personal or business biographies for general viewing. On the marketing side, Ashford Publishing can publish and maintain member websites, create banner ads for other websites to use, and develop commercials for public viewing.

Members of Ashford Publishing can share their information with the world at large and with other members by producing videos and appearing on the registry's Internet radio station, Furthermore, the registry serves as a searchable database on which members can search and contact others in order to network and conduct business. Through this registry, members of Ashford Publishing receive an extra boost to their business outlook, gaining a potential source of clients and partners over the long term.